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Tyler Hotep Outchea On The Grind with DirtBag 305!

Yo What’s Poppin my People! It’s the homie Tyler Hotep and I’m back with another one! Last night as I was navigating through this beautiful world of “Guns and Butter,” I happened to catch up with a Legendary 305 Hip Hop Icon, DirtBag! For you youngstas drawing a blank; he

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Don’t Wait For Nobody Pt 2

Yoooo, what’s poppin my people! It’s ya boi Tyler Hotep! Welcome back to TheXclusiveMag.com and myblog, “Movements Of A Still Mind”. Today I wanted to continue from where I left off in an earlier blogpost about setting up your own tour. There’s many resources available for independent artist to getthere

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Outchea On The Grind! With CyrexMC!

What’s going on my people! It’s ya homie Tyler Hotep and I’m back with another segment of #MovementsOfAStillMind and I recently was able to catch up with a young emcee I met doing a show over in the 305. I was really impressed by a young artist I met named

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White America And it’s Blackface

Yo, the media has been up in flames lately over a very disturbing issue that should have been addressed a long time ago in this country. That is, the white American use of what is known as “Blackface”. Blackface is one of the single most disgusting and disrespectful forms of

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Immigration and the 21 Savage Effect

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and GoodNight!!! Welcome back and thank you for checking out my blog  #MovementsOfAStillMind! I hope everything in your Aura is Bliss and your Living Your Best Life!!!Now as 21 Savage sits detained by ICE for an “overstay” on a visa from the UK. A visa that

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Don’t Wait For Nobody!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night! I’m the one named Tyler Hotep and welcome back to my blog in TheXclusiveMag.com. Today I want to take a minute to write about a relatively cheap way to help you as an independent artist get your name out, and if ya hustle

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