Rady Onabanjo talks about swimwear collection,

We got a chance to sit down with RadyOnABanjo to talk about style and Savi Wear.

Xclusive: Thank you for taking time out to interview with Xclusive Magazine.

RadyOnABanjo: My Pleasure.                    

So, how long have you been in the fashion industry?

I’ve been designing my own clothing since I was in middle school. I’ve been sewing since 2014 and I launched Saviwear in 2015-2016.

You have a very nice collection! What style of clothing is your favorite to cut and sew?

I enjoy making sexy two-piece sets that ladies can wear around the house or for a partner. Most of them are simple and sweet.

What inspired you to create Savi Wear?

The inspiration behind Saviwear came from me just always being in love with fashion, and also having a business mind set. I was literally just being creative and posting skirts on Facebook, and some close friends were like make me one and from there I started charging for skirts. I had no experience in sewing at all; I literally learned everything I know from Youtube.

Can you tell us a bit about your fabric choice, and what inspired your decision to use that material?

Well, I like to say that I was one of the very few people to use velvet and make swimsuits out of it. My goal was to create different ways to wear one particular fabric. I decided that because the fabric store will sell you more fabric for cheap, so I wanted one fabric made different ways to get a bigger profit!

Where can our audience like and follow your company?

Instagram @Radyonabanjo @Saviwear
FB: Radyonabanjo

Do you have a website where our readers can purchase items from your collection?

Yes, you can purchase items at www.Saviiwear.com.

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