Xclusive: So, what’s been going on with you these days?
POPMFS: Between shooting videos, going to the studio, doing shows, and building my brand a lot of work is being dedicated to success.


For our readers, tell us a little about yourself?
I’m an entrepreneur, I run a LLC called Fly National, which has departments such as music, clothes, art, movies, games, and animation. I’m from Columbus, GA.


Are you working on any new projects at this time?
Right now, I’ve been pushing my first 7 song, EP, Heavy Artillery, which is available on all streaming platforms. It features the sounds from the Grammy Award winning producer, Rico Wade of Organized Noize, JK Beats, HottRod, and Z3. Go get it Now! I’m also wrapping up my album.


Were you able to collab with any other underground artists on your new project?
I’m working on the collaborations, not named yet.


How hard has it been to get your music played outside of your city?
Good music ain’t hard to get played, because people love music. I plant a seed everywhere I go and watch them grow. Social media helps make it easy to reach countless number of people with different platforms.

Are there any special people in your life that make your music journey possible?
My family and my Fly National family are propelling me to succeed.


We know that you’re grinding in the street, any up-coming show dates?
As of now I’m putting together the tour and shows. Once that’s done I’ll put the dates and locations together; then I’m taking off!


Where can our audience hear your music and follow you online?
My music is available on all streaming platforms. Go to my official site www.popmfs.com and follow me @POPMFS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Music Is… Everything!
Music makes me feel… Positive through the negativity.
Without music I am… Nothing.
My music is… Testimonial.
Buy my music because… It’s relatable forever!

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