Yooo, my people! It’s ya boi Tyler Hotep! Back to hit you in ya dome with another excerpt of my own thoughts and ideas in this amazing section of Xclusive Magazine; containing my own blog “Movements Of A Still Mind!” I decided to release my thoughts about a subject that I see plaguing and splitting my culture in half. It appears the recent deal between the NFL and well known business man, philanthropist and co-founder, working alongside Meek Mill and Van Jones, of the Reform Organization, Sean Carter, who is better known to the public as HipHop icon Jay-Z, has pissed off a large group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to activism in 1 way or the other and has torn our obviously very fragile community apart. Now, first let me add my little disclaimer here, “I Tyler Hotep am releasing this statement free of any bias and with ambiguity towards everybody involved and those who seemingly think they are, and in by no means do mean to even indirectly give off the idea that I now or ever in any past lives, have given a damn or even an incling of an ass belch about how anybody “feels” about the way “I” feel about anything and, with that being said let’s move on shall we!

My first question to my people is, why do we think we can’t support Colin Kaepernick and Jay-Z? The first problem I see here is how simple and easy it is to divide the black community. We must stop letting the media sow division within our community, as we are uniting and taking back our communities. It is counter productive to a whole community to loose focus and loose unity over other people’s decisions, simply because we don’t understand them. Now, in the beginning of Kaep kneeling it wasn’t about his job, it was to bring attention to the genocide that was effecting the black community of America at an alarming and catastrophic rate. It was about the unjust practices of the NFL that were realized to be status quo normal everyday business. It was about equal pay and treatment for black players who were being demonized for taking a knee for justice in the same league where convicted rapists are given contract extensions and franchise player tags. We demanded fair and equal treatment of black players and more inclusion, i.e. black ownership and corporate positioning, so why does Kaepernick playing or not matter now? We have lost focus and the real enemy knows this. Jay-Z being given a seat at the table at the NFL cookout is exactly what we asked for yet we allow false narratives and half told stories to make us hate what we asked for. Kaepernick getting his job back was the least of what the movement was about. But like they say, “The 1 eyed man leads the blind” and “Massa will never lead you to the Gates of Freedom.” Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free! We must not be divided for Kaepernick and Jay-Z, but we must unite under both! Both of their moves were good for black people.

As far as I’m concerned though, I will still support the FFL and the Big3 before the NFL. I will still take a knee with Kaepernick and I will still support black ownership, and the black take over of America’s Corporate Structure! Do Yo thing big homie Jayz 🏿. How easily master divides our people, stop being influenced by people who hate our Unity! #BlackPower #TruthSerum #ImWithKap #ImWithJayz #ImWithBlackExcellence

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