XCLUSIVE: Hey Million Dolla Ca$h, how’s life been treating you these days?
MILLIONDOLLA CA$H: I’m living my best life these days. I’ve been putting my best foot forward, walking with my head held high, and blocking all negative energy.

We had the opportunity to catch your performance Boom Boom Lounge in Dallas, TX. You really rocked the stage! Great show.
Thank you for catching one of my great moments, I’ve progressed since then. I hope that you’ll catch more of my up-coming shows and be more amazed.

How did you get started doing music?
I’ve always been musically talented as a kid, me and my little brother use to do chores and make up songs in the process. It was just recently about a year ago when I set in my mind to make a career out of it. It’s like when I’m in the booth it sets my soul free, and that’s an amazing feeling.

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