XCLUSIVE: What’s good with you fam?
LAWLESS: Nothing much just staying busy and focused.

You grind so hard man we can’t do nothing but respect your that.
I appreciate that, and I respect y’all hustle and grind as well. It is such a pleasure to be interviewed by Xclusive Magazine again…

Give our readers a little background on you as an artist, your music and how you got started in this industry.
Music has always played a part in my life, it helped shaped me into the man/artist I am today. I started as a fan who loved freestyling with my brother, Razor, my cousin, Todd, and a few friends as just a hobby then one-day I wrote a verse that made everyone around me say you got to take this serious and from that moment Lawless The Underground Messiah was born.

We see you have a new project out; Tell us a little about Focused the album?
Focused is a mindset, a way of life, and something we all should be at all times. That is what the album is all about, motivation. It is to many signed artist misleading the people and keeping us distracted by glorifying the ignorance, it’s like no one is conscious of their platform and the power they possess.

Which track did you choose as the first single to release off the project?
“Crush” featuring K. Clarke.

Have you started touring to promote your new album? You know you gotta’ come to Texas!
Absolutely, it is inevitable! Texas has been showing me a lot of love for a couple of years now and I have not ever stepped foot on its soil. Shouts out to Big Rip and Tri-Coastal Radio the Rhyme. I can say there has been talks of a tour that will definitely include me coming to Texas and promoting this album on a larger scale.           Read More…

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