DJ Hypeness

Xclusive: How are you DJ Hypeness?
DJ HYPENESS: All is well thanks.

Let the readers know what inspired you to become a DJ?
As a child growing up I loved dancing and listening to my uncles and cousins play music on the weekends. When I came to America, looking at the Dj’s blend music together got me curious and excited to learn how to do the same. I found someone to teach me and here I am today; doing what I love.

What’s a must-have for you when preparing for a set/show?
Hmmmm, great question. This might sound disgusting, (covers face) but it’s not so much of a must have but a must do before my set. I have to use the bathroom to calm my nerves. After 14yrs, I still get nervous before my set. Once I accomplish that, the party is about to get murdered! (laughs)

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